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What will it be like to live in a Brightview community? Take it from some of our residents, who tell us that “living here makes me feel young again,” “my life is so much easier,” and that “my physical health has improved since I moved here.” These are just a few of our resident testimonials.

Every day at a Brightview community brings opportunities for vibrant living in so many ways:

What a relief!

No home maintenance and household chores. That means no more expensive work done on the house, finding and managing contractors, repairmen, cleaners or lawn care professionals.

More convenience, more freedom.

No more raking or shoveling, no more cleaning or cooking (unless you love to)!  And a delicious meal is as easy as picking up a menu. It adds up to more freedom to do what you want to do.

Friendship and fun.

Mingle and laugh at happy hour. Watch the game with buddies. Have dinner with friends as often as you like. New friendships are all around, and you’re never alone unless you want to be.

Try something new!


No more chores means more time for fun, productive living. Activities, clubs, volunteer opportunities, games and get-togethers, new hobbies and classes are available every day!

Feel healthy.

Your wellness is our focus. Take a fitness class, go walking, eat better, learn something new and exercise your brain.

“I feel so safe here.”

It’s more than our check-in system for visitors, emergency response systems and 24-hour staffing. It’s also the little things — like not having to climb stairs or shaky ladders, or the uncertainty of letting people you don’t know into your home for repairs.

A comfortable, “homey” community.


Your apartment, just the way you like it. Smiling, friendly staff who treat you with respect and warmth. Cozy areas for meeting and relaxing, the smell of warm cookies baking in the afternoon. Ahhh.

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