Vibrant Living Director Jessica Davis is Eversound's Champion of the Month

Vibrant Living Director Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis knows a thing or two about making life fun for everyone around her. Her passion for engaging others and creating memorable experiences has always been apparent -- just not always on land. Before entering the assisted living industry, Jessica was a cruise director for several years. The similarities of both roles were immediately apparent. She explains, “I always compare it to a cruise ship on land! I do all the same sorts of things I was doing on the ship (and more) like excursions, bingo, etc., but I get to know the residents for years rather than one week.”
Incredibly passionate in her role as Vibrant Living Director at Brightview Concord River, Jessica entered the assisted living industry several years ago and has never looked back. She truly goes above and beyond for her residents in so many ways. 
Executive Director at Brightview Concord River, Maria Martin, highlights Jessica’s creative ability to keep things new and exciting as one of her best qualities: “She is creative, fun, loves her job, loves people, and exceeds expectations by staying fresh and new in her programming offerings.” 
Jessica is constantly empowering residents to exceed their own limitations and to try new things. She believes in her residents, and most importantly, gets her residents to believe in themselves. Maria explains, “She challenges and inspires the residents to try something new. Something they always wanted to do but thought they would never be able to or be good at.  She helps them see that in fact they can and in some case they are REALLY good at it!”
Trivia Competitions
If you thought you took trivia seriously, just wait until you join the residents of Brightview Concord River in their weekly trivia competition. The residents and staff go head-to-head in a competitive and fun matchup. During my visit, it was apparent this is one of the events the community looks most forward to and Jessica’s ability to make it fun and challenging truly makes it a special event. She was adamant about preparing questions that would challenge everyone and make for a wonderful event (Let’s just say Fairy Tale Trivia is harder than it sounds). 
Trivia is an especially favorite activity of one resident, who was on the verge of missing the competition several weeks ago. Jessica was determined to find some way to keep him involved. Maria shared:
“Most recently Jessica even found a way for one our residents, a true trivia master, to be included in team Trivia via FaceTime while he was having a stay in rehab.  He was so disappointed to be missing one of his favorite activities and his team wondered how they would win without him.  Because of Jessica's efforts, he didn't miss out and his team WON!!”
Innovative Approach with Eversound
Jessica’s love of her residents means she always has their best interest in mind. She consistently looks for new ways to engage her residents at activities and give them the best possible experience. 
Maria explains, “We have a very active community.  Our residents participate in a wide variety of activities.  It was easy for Jessica to see that some of the resident were getting discouraged because they could not hear questions during Trivia or speakers during presentations.  Some residents were not attending programs that required them to be able to hear conversation.  She knew Eversound was coming to us. Jessica talked about how this device would work and she encouraged them to hang in and not get discouraged.  While we were waiting the arrival of the equipment, Jessica already had plans in place for the programs that would be enhanced by the use of the Eversound equipment.  The residents hung in there and they are thrilled to have this assistive device to enhance their experiences.”
Jessica’s forward thinking-approach has allowed her residents to enjoy the incredible programs and activities she organizes to the fullest extent. As one resident explained, “I feel like I'm truly part of the experience now instead of just a member of the audience.” Bingo is another popular event at Brightview Concord River where Eversound is popular. As one resident shared, “I can clearly hear the difference between the better ‘B’ and ‘G’ when I play Bingo now.”
Jessica brings incredible joy to her residents each and every day. It is apparent every time she passes a resident in the hallway, greets them at lunch, or welcomes them back from an afternoon outside of the community. They simply light up and cannot wait to share any news or just how things are going.
I was lucky to spend a day at Brightview Concord River with Jessica. Her residents are lucky to spend years with her! We are thrilled to honor Jessica Davis as our March Eversound Champion. We are grateful to work with her and the entire Brightview Concord River community.
Article written by Eversound’s Alyssa Gagliardi, Customer Engagement Manager, on March 22, 2017.
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