Brightview Country Club Heights Celebrates 30 Years

Brightview Country Club Heights, a Brightview Senior Living community recently celebrated 30 years of vibrant living.  To mark this milestone anniversary, resident Alice Kobayashi sat down with Country Club Heights associate Daisy Boswell to talk about her 27 years as a resident.  Ms. Kobayashi is proud to have been a resident of Country Club Heights since 1983.

As told to Dasiy Boswell by Alice Kobayashi

After having the New England Rehabilitation Hospital built, two men decided to construct another building right across the way. The building was to be named COUNTRY CLUB HEIGHTS and was finished in 1979.   Buddy LeRoux, at the time part owner of the  Boston Red Sox, and Dr. Kelleher, a physician at the NERH designed and built the place that we are now proud to call home.

CCH was the first building of its kind in the area, in fact rumor has it that it was the first of its kind in the country and was designed for Independent Living only. Residents were required to pass a physical exam in order to live there. There was a very limited amount of programs or activities then and there were no nurses, aides, newspapers or weekly bulletin. In fact there was no CCH Van.  Residents drove their own cars to go out on errands, medical appointments, etc.

Rent included your apartment and the dinner meal only. At dinner, residents were required to dress to the nines - dresses for the ladies and dinner jackets for the men.

All you Red Sox fans out there will be jealous to learn that since Mr. LeRoux was part owner of the team the residents were treated to free trips to Fenway Park where they felt privileged to sit in the sky box seats.

Through the years CCH has been involved in many changes but the one thing that has stayed constant throughout my twenty-seven years here is our commitment "to be dedicated to creating a vibrant senior living community by providing excellent service to all our residents".

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