SPICE in Motion, Brightview Senior Living’s Fun and Engaging Exercise Program


Movement is the cornerstone of healthy, active aging.

Seniors who stay physically active by exercising at least three days per week can improve their mobility and overall quality of life.

Moreover, regular exercisers experience fewer falls, maintain greater functional capacity, sustain cognitive function and are less likely to experience feelings of isolation and depression.

Brightview Senior Living’s SPICE in Motion is a fun, engaging, and ongoing exercise program that helps residents keep moving and manage their overall health and wellness.

Here is what some residents are saying about SPICE in Motion:

“It gets me out, gets me moving, and help my circulation,” says Dotty from Country Club Heights.

“The classes have helped strengthen my core. I feel strong and don’t need walking assistance or devices,” says Phyllis from Brightview Avondell.

“I really feel that SPICE in Motion helps me feel more comfortable in my daily activities. I feel a lot more stability when walking and moving around due to the concentration on our leg and core exercises,” notes a resident at Brightview Fallsgrove.

“I have a bad hip, and with the standing exercises and slow movements I feel stronger in my hips now,” remarks Elenor from Brightview Danvers.

“I’ve gained leg strength and muscle. I love it,” declares Ida from Brightview South River.

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