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5 Great Examples of Activities That Engage Our Residents & Improve Life

Brightview Senior Living Residents Exercising

5 Great Examples of Activities That Engage Our Residents & Improve Life

Staying active and engaged helps keep seniors physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Social activities prevent you from feeling isolated, while mentally stimulating programs and events help keep older minds sharp. Our SPICE philosophy includes five wellness dimensions — Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural, and Emotional — and we offer a wide range of activities to meet your needs in all of these areas. Here are five types of activities that residents at Brightview Senior Living can participate in to enjoy life to the fullest.

1. Taking Fitness Classes (SPICE in Motion)

Regular fitness classes help keep resident seniors in good physical and mental condition, and our SPICE in Motion program ensures that each resident can participate in challenging, practical exercises tailored to their needs and abilities. Classes led by a resident fitness expert start with a warm-up before moving on to cardiovascular, balance, and strength exercises. After getting the heart pumping at a faster but safe pace, a cool-down set brings your heart rate back down to normal and gets you ready to tackle the day ahead. Physical activity is also beneficial for mental health, and participating in a regular fitness program may help prevent or slow the development of everything from arthritis and cardiovascular disease to dementia and depression. Brightview offers a variety of class offerings, including advanced stand-up classes and sitting down classes.

2. Exploring New Hobbies

Brightview Senior Living residents regularly get the chance to explore new hobbies. Classes in gardening, oil painting or crafts provide mental stimulation and help resident seniors maintain fine motor skills and dexterity. Each community’s Vibrant Living Director arranges a variety of different classes for senior residents to try out, and some communities have regular classes already in place to teach things such as arts and crafts. The sense of accomplishment when you master new skills may also help stave off depression. an example, at Brightview Perry Hall, twice per week art classes give residents plenty of opportunity to learn specific techniques, and regular art displays and craft shows let residents display and sell their work to people in the local community.

3. Attending Social Events

Active seniors deserve an engaging social life, and Brightview Senior Living residents get plenty of opportunities to socialize. Just about every Brightview community has its own on-site pub where residents and their guests can enjoy a drink and some lively conversation. On-site movie theaters and cafes provide other places to spend time with friends. Holiday parties and dances ensure that residents don't feel isolated or lonely. We understand that a well-developed social network of friends reduces stress and makes life more enjoyable, so Brightview Senior Living offers a wide variety of socialization opportunities catering to various personality types and interests.

4. Volunteering

Volunteering can help you develop a connection to your local community and make a valuable contribution to the world. It also provides a sense of purpose and may involve the satisfying process of developing and working toward a shared goal. Some retired seniors miss the mental challenge and emotional satisfaction of work, and volunteering can be a great way to get those same experiences in a fun, meaningful way. Seniors who desire to give back to the community have plenty of opportunities as Brightview Senior Living residents. For example, at Brightview Avondell in Harford County, MD, residents and staff host an annual bingo fundraiser to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association.

5. Exploring Local Culture

Whether it's a night at the theater or an afternoon at the art museum, cultural activities are a big part of many seniors' lives. Guided excursions to local exhibits and performances offer you a way to check out the regional cultural scene with friends. If you love fine dining, you can participate in visits to nearby restaurants or wine tasting events. Connecting with other residents on these excursions also helps build lasting friendships based on common interests and experiences, so you also get the benefits of mental stimulation and social engagement when you participate in off-site trips. When it comes to engaging, interesting activities that help you live your best life, Brightview Senior Living provides plenty of opportunities. Find a community and explore the options available for stimulating activities that fill your days with friends and fun.

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SPICE in Motion Program

Our innovative SPICE Initiative is the foundation for ongoing wellness efforts and the model on which resident programming is based. Including five holistic elements of wellness – Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural, and Emotional – the SPICE approach uses a blend of programs to create meaningful, healthy, stimulating, and positive lifestyles – for residents and associates. Residents enjoy a daily calendar full of enriching and inspiring SPICE programs, important for the well-being of people of all ages. Learn more about our innovative SPICE in Motion program powered by Bayada.

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