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6 Reasons Why Continuum Care Services are Vital to Every Older Adult

Continuing Care Services

6 Reasons Why Continuum Care Services are Vital to Every Older Adult

As life progresses, so do our needs. Brightview Senior Living communities offer continuing care services that help seniors live each day to the fullest while addressing a wide range of needs — all in one place, amongst friends, so each resident has what they need to thrive. Today, seniors have access to more types of care than ever before. One option to explore is a Senior Living Community that offers a Continuum of Care. This all-in-one type of community makes life easy and allows older adults to age in place as care needs evolve. Take a look at some of the benefits.

1. It Allows Seniors to Age in Place

While the concept of aging in place often refers to seniors receiving home care, that situation isn’t ideal for everyone. For people who either need or want to move to a senior living community, choosing one that offers continuing care services means you’re able to stay there even if you transition from mostly independent senior living to needing additional assistance with daily activities or even memory care.

2. Services Are Individualized Rather Than One-Size-Fits-All

Because of the range of services offered in continuing care communities, each resident gets a plan tailored to meet their unique needs. Many communities include a thorough, professional assessment or evaluation as part of the intake process with follow-up evaluations conducted on a routine — often yearly — basis. The senior living community care team will adjust the plan as the resident’s needs evolve, ensuring everyone stays as happy and healthy as possible.

3. There Are Many Opportunities for Socialization

Research suggests that socialization and health are closely intertwined, especially in older adults. Seniors with increased social interaction showed lower levels of an inflammatory factor associated with disorders such as Alzheimer’s and rheumatoid arthritis, while those who don’t have the same opportunities for companionship and group interaction are at higher risk for physical and emotional issues.

A high-quality senior living community puts a heavy emphasis on activities and experiences designed to appeal to seniors, keeping them active and motivated and raising spirits. Depending on the community, residents may have access to arts and crafts, game nights, dance classes, group fitness classes, interactive cooking demonstrations, outings to concerts or festivals, volunteer opportunities, picnics, painting parties and gardening clubs.

4. Access to Higher Levels of Care

Brightview Senior Living retirement communities offer comfort and other low-level amenities such as a daily program calendar, maintenance help, and light housekeeping. Senior living communities with continuing care services provide personal and medical care at the highest levels. While you may need to shift from one part of the community to another, you can seamlessly transition from independent living to assisted living, and even memory care if needed.

Seniors who are living with the demands of complex conditions such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s will need different types of support as time goes on. Being able to request transportation, schedule medication reminders, receive assistance with feeding and mobility and quickly connect with occupational and physical therapists is wonderfully convenient.

5. It Takes the Guesswork Out of Nutrition

Food should be both nourishing and delicious. Whether you’re cooking meals in your own kitchen or heading down to the chef-run dining room for dinner with family or friends, you deserve to enjoy every snack, meal and dessert you consume. Continuing care senior living communities facilitate that culinary evolution by offering multiple dining options; you may decide to have a light breakfast in your apartment, chat with a friend over lunch at the cafe and then check out the complimentary happy hour before sitting down to dinner.

Menus change by the day, week and/or season, and there are often specials reflecting an upcoming holiday or other special event. There’s plenty of room for special dietary needs or preferences, too. Whether you dislike broccoli or have a loved one with dementia who thrives on familiar comfort food rather than new or unusual recipes, the chef and onsite nutrition team are ready to accommodate.

6. Peace of Mind for All Involved

Above all, opting for a senior living community with continuing care services is a weight off everyone’s shoulders. The knowledge that you or your loved one will be cared for no matter what changes may develop is practically priceless. For residents, there’s a similar relief in understanding that you won’t have to search for a new home, leave your friends and find yourself among strangers if your medical, emotional or cognitive needs shift.

At Brightview Senior Living, we believe residents should do what they love while we take care of the rest. For more information on our wide range of services, schedule your personal visit today!


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