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7 Benefits of Senior Living Communities

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7 Intangible Benefits of Senior Living Communities

As your parents age, you might worry about them living alone, especially if you don’t live nearby. Discussing senior living options might be a difficult conversation, but it's important to talk to your parents about their future health needs and the type of community they prefer. Selecting a senior living community is a big decision. While there are many things to consider, explore the intangible benefits that make senior living communities an appealing option for your parent’s golden years.

1. Peace of Mind

When you’re worried about your parent’s safety and well-being, senior living communities give you peace of mind your parents have the support they need to thrive. Quality senior living communities offer a safe living environment with 24-hour staffing, security and emergency response systems, handicap features and emergency medical services. A continuing care senior living community gives your parents added comfort with the knowledge they’ll never need to move outside the community that’s become their home to find a place that offers additional care should their health fail.

2. Maintenance-Free Living

Seniors struggling to keep up with home maintenance and yard work benefit from the maintenance-free lifestyle offered in senior living communities. Even if your parents are physically capable of performing home maintenance and landscaping tasks, they might prefer spending their time in other pursuits. You and your parents can say goodbye to labor intensive chores like mowing the grass or shoveling snow and dangerous activities that require them to climb a ladder. They can even give up cleaning and cooking, if they want to, and have more time for the activities they enjoy most.

3. Active Lifestyle

Many senior living communities are designed to inspire and engage seniors with varying abilities and interests. Well-rounded senior communities offer numerous opportunities to lead an active lifestyle with a blend of programs and classes that enhance the mind, body and soul. Your parents can stay mentally and physically engaged with indoor and outdoor activities they already love or take up a new hobby they’ve always wanted to try. Seniors also have access to fitness classes, arts and crafts, volunteer opportunities and other pursuits that provide a stimulating, positive lifestyle.

4. Social Interaction

The National Institute on Aging warns that social isolation can have adverse effects on older adults, but studies show a strong correlation between social interaction and the health and well-being of seniors. Social interaction plays a crucial role in your parent’s qualify of life, especially for a single parent or one who has lost their mate. Senior living communities offer the opportunity to make new friends with similar interests through social activities that help maintain cognitive health. Looking forward to activities with others makes life more fun and contributes to a positive mental outlook.

5. Fitness Focus

Regular exercise helps seniors maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints and helps increase stamina and strength. First-rate senior living communities offer exercise and wellness programs led by certified fitness specialists who work with your parent’s exercise interests, health risks and functional needs. With appropriate amounts of the right kind of exercise, your parents can maintain their health and their independence by reducing the risk of falling, breaking bones, high blood pressure, heart disease and other health issues while boosting their mood and overall well-being.

6. Prepared Meals

Your parents can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals prepared for them. Prepared meals mean no more big trips grocery shopping, meal planning, food preparation or kitchen cleanup. Many senior living communities employ top chefs to provide the ultimate culinary experience with multiple menu options to cater to various tastes and dietary needs. Your parents enjoy fine dining for themselves, and friends and family who come to visit, without all the work.

7. Transportation Perks

If your parents are no longer able to drive or just prefer not to, they can take advantage of shuttle services provided by top senior living communities. Access to transportation provides freedom to find nearby adventures or the convenience to run errands, do some shopping or join friends or family for off-site events. While many independent living residents still drive their own cars, it’s an added benefit knowing reliable transportation is always available when your parents need it.

Get a Brightview on Senior Living Communities

Brightview Senior Living operates vibrant senior living communities in eight states along the East Coast that offer these and many other intangible benefits. Contact us to learn more about our amenities and programs designed to provide your parents with a happier, healthier and more active lifestyle.

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