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COVID-19 Safety Measures and Vaccine Update

Brightview is actively preparing for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to residents, associate, and new Residents


Dear Residents, Families, Associates, and Future Residents of Brightview,


First, we want to thank our associates, residents, and families for their diligence in following our safety and infection control protocols during this challenging year. You have stepped up to the challenge to keep our communities safe.


Fortunately, there is hope on the horizon and our first vaccine clinics started on January 5th and will continue through February. Two safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines have been approved by the FDA, and others are on the verge of FDA approval. Brightview Senior Living is part of an early wave to receive these vaccinations. We anticipate beginning our COVID-19 vaccination rollout in early 2021. The exact Brightview vaccine clinic dates for each Brightview Senior Living community will vary and be determined soon.


Brightview has been proactive in preparing for this rollout and will be partnering with Walgreens to distribute vaccines in Brightview communities. This communication is the first of many to keep you informed about the timing of these vaccination clinics, safety information around the vaccines, and other important details that will help you make an informed decision about receiving the vaccine. Overall, we see this as a very positive development for our associates, residents, and ultimately our nation's health and wellbeing. 

Current associates and residents should start speaking with your family now about your decision regarding receiving this vaccine. These initial vaccines will be provided in two doses, three or four weeks apart, so it is vital to have your plan in place. Opportunities for vaccination will be limited, so it is important that you have a decision when the opportunity to be vaccinated is presented. Participating in this rollout is the best step you can take in protecting yourself from this disease. 


New residents will be eligible for the vaccine when they take financial possession of their apartment at least a week before the 1st in-community Brightview vaccine clinic. In addition, Brightview communities will also conduct a new resident count a week before the 2nd in-community Brightview vaccine clinic date. Since we don't yet know the exact community clinic dates, it's important you act quickly to secure your apartment and the available vaccine.


Future communications will address questions surrounding the vaccine and more specific details regarding the rollout schedule. Please continue to follow our recommended infection control procedures: wearing masks over the nose and mouth, social distancing, and washing your hands.

We cannot express how proud we are of our committed and compassionate associates, residents, and families for keeping our communities safe this year. 




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Tammy Curry - RN, BSHSA, LGBH
Vice President, Health and Wellness
Brightview Senior Living

Senior Living Resources, Health and Wellness