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Dementia Caregiver Training

Dementia Caregiver Training

Brightview Senior Living's dementia caregiver training, Moments of Possibility, is one the most extensive and content diverse training's in the industry. This training suite is designed to increase the associate’s ability to enhance the quality of life for residents living with dementia. The Moments of Possibility dementia caregiver training covers many topics including:

1) Tips to better communicate

2) Techniques to learn about the person with dementia

3) Exercises to foster greater empathy

4) Ways to better understand multiple possible causes of behaviors

5) Practical approaches to address some of the daily challenges experienced by people living with dementia.

The main goal of this dementia caregiver training is to empower our associates with the tools required to create joyful moments for the people in Wellspring Village. In doing so, our associates can leave each evening knowing that they truly made a difference in the life of a person living with dementia.

We have learned that no matter how healthy or frail, how independent or reliant, each resident has his or her own unique gifts. While every resident thrives on love and attention, security and compassion, none share identical interests or needs. In Wellspring Village, we honor our residents' shared needs while respecting their rich individuality.


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Brightview Senior Living provides valuable training to our associates to help care for those living with dementia.