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Healthy Spring Meals for Senior Nutrition

Senior Nutrition

Spring is around the corner! It could be a good time for a little spring cleaning and healthier eating. Eating well can be challenging, but small dietary changes make a big difference. As you age, its vital to eat healthy foods to maintain weight, manage and prevent diabetes, and even encourage brain health. Spring is a great time to swap out processed foods for fresh fruits and veggies. It's easier than you think; an abundance of healthy produce is hitting market stands, so get out there and enjoy some fresh foods.

Visit Your local Farmers Market


Spring is a great time to start growing food for yourself, but for the more involved produce, it’s also an ideal time of the year to get out to your local produce stand and enjoy the cool weather. Produce that grows on trees or on vines, like apples, pears, and grapes are prime examples. When it comes to cultivating this, it’s probably better to take a trip to your local farmer’s market. There’s where you find the people who are the most knowledgeable and care the most about those foods, the farmers.


But something that can be even more fun than just going to the market is to go straight to the source. Try a “pick-your-own” adventure. There’s nothing like being able to pick a fresh orange off a tree! Plan a day trip to learn more about the process behind cultivating these plants


With all these options available why not try something new, here are some recipes we found for this spring season








Using food To Grow Relationships


Seniors can also benefit from the relationships fostered around the dining table. Meals are best served to groups of people, and everyone knows food and friends go hand-in-hand. The power of friendship reduces stress, promotes healthy living, and can boost emotional well-being. So, grab a friend and read more about eating healthy meals this Spring!


One of the best parts about food is that It can be unique to everyone. So why not share those delicious meals and treats with those around you? It can always help to build new relationships over yours and their love of food. Try out some of these:


  • Start a garden club and a community garden
  • Take a group to the local farmer’s market
  • Visit a local orchard or farm to pick your own and meet the farmer
  • Bring your grand-kids into the kitchen and teach them to cook
  • Host a potluck dinner where everyone brings a new dish to try
  • Have a meal planning party where everyone brings an assortment of recipes to trade
Dining at Brightview Senior Living


Here at Brightview Senior Living, we recognize the importance of gourmet dining and healthy eating, as well as fostering community. Our residents enjoy cultivating a community garden and sharing recipes with our chef to prepare. With the help of our Vibrant Living team, residents can go on trips to the local farmers’ market or orchard to discover the source of their food. We also host live cooking demonstrations for residents to showcase the healthy meals we will be serving. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy and share a meal here at Brightview. Contact a Brightview Senior Living community to learn more and schedule a personal visit to sample our healthy spring meals!

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