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Healthy Fall Meals

Healthy Fall Meals

Eating Healthy at Brightview Senior Living

It’s no secret that seniors need to eat healthy foods to maintain weight, manage and prevent diabetes, and even encourage brain health. As we step into autumn, it’s tempting to toss healthy eating aside and start loading up on unhealthy foods: candy at Halloween, desserts at Thanksgiving, and cookies at Christmas. 

However, there are plenty of delicious foods that are in season to prepare healthy fall meals. Think apples, cranberries, seasonal squashes, and pumpkins. Prepared correctly, these foods are delicious and full of nutrients.

Seniors also benefit from the interpersonal relationships that can be developed around the dining table. Meals are best served to groups of people, and throughout history, food and friends have gone hand-in-hand. The power of friendship reduces stress, promotes healthy living, and can boost emotional well-being.

Grab a friend, and read more about eating healthy fall meals this autumn!

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Coriander Crusted Salmon

Know your local farmer

Some foods are certainly viable to grow in your own backyard, but others are easier to buy from a local source. Produce that grow on trees or on vines, like apples, pears, and grapes are prime examples. When it comes to this kind of produce take a trip to your local farmer’s market. Talk to the people who grow the food, talk with them about what to look for, how to prepare it, and even ways to preserve it.

You can also go on a “pick-your-own” adventure. There’s nothing like eating an apple straight off the tree! Make a day of it and learn about the process of growing and caring for these plants.

Preparing you seasonal foods and healthy fall meals

Main Course:
Side Dishes:  

Share your healthy fall meals and experience with others

Don’t keep all of that food to yourself. One of the best things about cooking is the relationships it can foster. There are many ways to share your food journey and meal planning with others. For example, you can:

  • Start a garden club and a community garden
  • Take a group to the local farmer’s market
  • Visit a local orchard or farm to pick your own and meet the farmer
  • Bring your grand-kids into the kitchen and teach them to cook
  • Host a potluck dinner where everyone brings a new dish to try
  • Have a meal planning party where everyone brings an assortment of recipes to trade
  • Assign everyone a fresh fruit or vegetable, and have a party featuring dishes made from it

Dining Experience at Brightview Senior Living

Here at Brightview Senior Living, we recognize the importance of healthy eating, as well as fostering community. Our residents enjoy cultivating a community garden and sharing recipes with our chef to prepare. With the help of our Vibrant Living team, residents can go on trips to the local farmers’ market or orchard to discover the source of their food. We also host live cooking demonstrations for residents to showcase the healthy meals we will be serving. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy and share a meal here at Brightview. Contact us to learn more and schedule a personal visit to sample our healthy fall meals!

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Video: How to Fillet a Salmon by Hand

Watch our video to learn how to hand fillet a salmon and cook up an amazing Coriander Crusted Salmon.

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