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Respite Care Can Help Families and Caregivers During Vacation Time

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When aging adults require around-the-clock care, they often remain in their own homes with help from family and friends. Unfortunately, many loved ones jump into their caretaker roles before realizing the physical, emotional, and financial demands involved. Along with potentially investing thousands of unpaid hours into their loved one's care, the average family caregiver also racks up nearly $7,000 in out-of-pocket expenses per year.

These dedicated caregivers deserve some time away from their responsibilities, yet many hesitate to take vacation days. They worry their loved one may feel lonely or struggle without their assistance. Many caretakers are also unsure who they can trust to provide compassionate care during their absence. If you can relate, consider utilizing respite care during your time away. Respite caregivers provide assistance during your time away, whether you're taking a short staycation or leaving the country for a few weeks.

What is Respite Care for Seniors?

Respite care for seniors is temporary, short-term care that occurs when a primary caregiver is unavailable. Respite care is also an option for seniors who typically care for themselves without help but need some extra assistance while recovering from surgery or a medical condition.

Where Does Respite Care Take Place?

Wherever your loved one wants to go! Some seniors prefer to stay home and have someone offer respite care there. Others enjoy participating in a vibrant community such as Brightview Senior Living. Seniors who receive respite care at a senior living facility can take advantage of the same perks long-term residents enjoy, such as chef-crafted meals, exercise classes, crafts, and game nights. They can also meet new friends and keep in touch with them after their stay ends.

What if My Loved One Requires a Significant Amount of Care?

No problem! Respite care providers are trained to work with seniors of all abilities. They can also make sure your loved one gets any therapy or medical care they usually receive, such as occupational therapy or speech therapy. Respite care providers also make sure your senior takes their medications at their scheduled times and continues receiving breathing treatments or other vital medical care.

Is Financial Assistance Available for Respite Care?

Caregivers who need financial assistance for respite care can start by contacting their loved one's health insurance company. Some health insurance providers offer discounted respite care through approved programs and providers. You may also qualify for reimbursement through other providers after you initially pay the expenses out of pocket.

Another option is the National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP). This program offers numerous grants for the support and well-being of loved ones as well as their caregivers. Caregivers can apply for respite care grants through the Caregiver Respite Care Program.

Why Should You Consider Respite Care for Your Loved One?

Caregivers often dedicate their days — and afternoons, and weekends — to providing a high level of care for their loved ones. This takes a toll, and rover time, many caregivers confess they experience caregiver burnout.

Caregiver burnout is dangerous for you as well as your loved one. It can create physical or mental health issues, which may go ignored or undiagnosed because you're so focused on your loved one's needs. You may also begin to feel anger or resentment toward your loved one, which makes it difficult to provide safe, appropriate care.

You deserve a break, and it's okay to take one. Don't feel guilty about scheduling a much-needed vacation or a few hours to yourself. Respite caregivers help ensure that your loved one is in good hands during your time away.

At Brightview Senior Living, we understand the commitment full-time caretakers exhibit, and we want to help. Contact us with questions about respite care, whether you need a few uninterrupted hours for a massage or you have plans for a relaxing beach getaway.

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