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Seniors Living Alone vs. Vibrant Senior Living

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Today, older adults (50 and older) make up over 95 million people within U.S. population.* As seniors’ children begin to move out and start families of their own, older adults can become lonely from living alone. Seniors living alone can have serious health disadvantages. According to Harvard Medical School, people who live alone have “increased health problems” and “are less able to care for themselves.” When looking at seniors who have been hospitalized and return to living alone are shown to be “less likely to improve in function” based on a National Institutes of Health research study.

While 61% of older adults in their own home, the potential health consequences are alarming.** Living with others provides many social and health benefits for seniors as it can help alleviate the feeling of loneliness and/or isolation as well decreasing the “risk for memory decline, depression, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and stress.”^

It's so easy to make friends here. I have 185 brothers and sisters (at Brightview), and I love them all."
JoE, Brightview Resident

At Brightview Senior Living, our vibrant living philosophy provides residents with the opportunity to mingle and make friends with other residents, participate in activities at the community and neighboring area, and most importantly, supports independence and choice. Brightview’s innovative SPICE philosophy is the foundation for ongoing wellness efforts and the model on which resident activities are planned. 

Including five holistic elements of wellness –Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural, and Emotional– the SPICE approach uses a blend of programs to create meaningful, healthy, stimulating, and positive lifestyles – for residents and associates.

Mary-Ann, Brightview West End resident, attributes her experience at Brightview Senior Living to a community where she enjoys “life in [her] new expanded home with all of its amenities and [loves] all of [her] new friends.”

To learn more about what Brightview Senior Living has to offer for seniors making the transition from living alone to a senior living community, view The Brightview Experience or Find a Community today to schedule a personal visit.


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Video: A Day in the Life at Brightview Senior Living

Experience a Day in the Life at Brightview Senior Living. We recently connected with a previous Assisted Living resident who now resides in Independent Living to showcase our vibrant senior living communities.

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