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The Benefits of Traveling for Seniors

The Benefits of Traveling for Seniors

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At any age, travel can play a crucial role in staying healthy. The Global Coalition on Aging reports that regular participation in social activities, including travel, is associated with a lower risk of subsequent dementia, has even been linked to fighting depression, maintaining heart health and reducing stress. Additionally, the positive effects that travel can have on a person lingers with them long after the trip ends. There are so many benefits that come from taking a trip: improved mental well-being, a relaxed demeanor, and beautiful memories, to name a few.

At Brightview Senior Living, our innovative SPICE philosophy is the foundation of ongoing wellness efforts and the model on which resident programming is based. Including five holistic elements of wellness – Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural, and Emotional – the SPICE approach uses a blend of programs to create meaningful, healthy, stimulating and positive lifestyles for residents.

Travel keeps your brain healthy

Mental stimulation is essential for keeping a brain healthy as you age. When you travel, you are presented with plenty of new information to process. For example, a trip to a new country means you may hear different languages, taste different foods, smell different smells, and see new sights. It’s a workout for your brain! Even a local trip can expose you to new sights and sounds. Don’t let yourself think it’s too difficult to travel to a foreign country. You can still experience travel locally.

All the activities they plan here at Brightview are wonderful. I’ve never been so busy and made so many friends.

Joseph, Brightview Great Falls
Travel relaxes you

Even retirees need vacations. Taking a break from your daily routine is right for you. With social events, volunteer activities and other commitments, you deserve to relax. And even if you don’t have a busy schedule, a brief change of scenery can also be relaxing. The change of pace that a short trip provides can let you take a moment and enjoy life in ways that you don’t usually get to experience. 

Our Brightview Severna Park community has enjoyed trips down to Annapolis for some sailing too, as well as the Nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C. The Cherry Blossoms are quite a sight to see, something that would bring joy to anyone of any age, indeed. 

The Benefits of Traveling for Seniors

Travel keeps you active

“To travel” literally means “to move.” So when you’re traveling, you have to move. Aside from going from your home to your destination, experiencing a new location means you’re going to be more active exploring around there – a lot. Walk around a city, take a hike, ride a bike if you can. Do as much as you’re able to with the understanding that whatever you do it will help you stay healthy.

Brightview Annapolis also had a water-themed trip in mind when they visited Downtown Annapolis for a cruise on the Chesapeake.

The Benefits of Traveling for Seniors

Travel builds relationships

When you travel with others, you create memories and strengthen relationships. You can also meet new friends. If you’re on a group tour, you already know you have something in common – a shared interest in travel and the place to which you’re traveling. Building relationships also have the added benefit of helping to stave off depression, which can be common in seniors as they fall into a repetitive routine. Go out and collect some stories to tell your friends and family!

How to make travel a priority

Now that you know a few of the benefits of traveling, you may be wondering, “How can I?” To enjoy the benefits of travel as a senior, you don’t have to plan an expensive trip to Europe or a cruise to the Caribbean. Even a short day trips can provide the same benefits that longer trips do by giving you a break in your routine.

One way to experience the benefits of travel without the expenses is to play tourist in your own hometown. Visit a local museum that you’ve never been to, attend a festival or even journey down some new streets. Are there historical attractions nearby? Something that seems like it’s only there for tourists can still be exciting for locals who have never been there before. 

If mobility is an issue, research your destination and make sure that it’s ADA compliant before you go. Most places are, but it’s always best to be sure. There are tour groups that specialize in travel for disabled individuals, and others that specialize in senior travel. Find the right group, and you can trust that they will plan a tour that matches your mobility level.

As for traveling with others, tour groups are helpful for that as well. Join a tour as a solo traveler, and you can still make friends on your journey. Or, you can experience a destination at your own pace, not worrying about what your traveling partners want to eat, see or do. Of course, make sure you follow safe travel practices if you’re going alone.  

Travel with Brightview Senior Living

Brightview Senior Living communities frequently provide travel opportunities for our residents. These excursions are carefully planned with our resident’s abilities and desires in mind. Many residents of our Brightview Communities enjoy taking trips with their fellow neighbors and associates. This is an essential part of our SPICE program, touching on each resident’s Spritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural, and Emotional well-being.

Brightview Towson got on their community bus and enjoyed a day trip to Ocean City, Maryland. It was an excellent way to go enjoy the sights, sounds, and fresh ocean air with a lively group--check out their fun video of the excursion!

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Brightview Towson Ocean City, MD Trip


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