We Believe - People living with dementia can lead full, engaged, meaningful lives.

Wellspring Village Memory Care Residents enjoying outdoor patio and laughing with Brightview associate

“Although the anguish caused by a diagnosis of dementia cannot be minimized, it does not mean the end of joy, laughter, purpose, and growth.”

Many families and affected persons are devastated when suspicions of dementia are confirmed. Questions immediately swirl around what the future will hold – losses, care needs, living accommodations, and financial consequences associated with this condition.  

And while these are important topics to consider, many people living with dementia can begin to feel like the focus is too much on their condition. They are not only losing their memories, but also the joy in their lives.

At Brightview Senior Living, we challenge people to change their minds about people whose minds have changed. This video, called “We Believe,” communicates the bedrock of our Wellspring Village® philosophy – that with enough support and encouragement, people living with dementia can still experience purpose and growth in their lives.

Our associates, residents, families, and friends believe. Do you?

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