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Why Gourmet and Quality Food Enhances Life's Experience in a Senior Living Community

Senior Nutrition

Gourmet Food and Senior Living Experiences

We laugh with loved ones over holiday meals, catch up with friends over brunch and treat ourselves occasionally to ice cream shops or candy stores. A well-prepared meal also nourishes your body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually while strengthening connections with the special people in your life. That's why we offer gourmet food and honor special dietary requests in our full-service dining area. Our active residents enjoy everything from fresh fruit and nutrient-rich salads to comfort foods such as mashed potatoes and fried chicken — at no additional cost.

Delicious Options

Brightview Senior Living residents always find something they love on our menu. Our skilled chefs carefully craft each dish with fresh, seasonal ingredients and flavorful spices.

Not a fan of a particular dish? Special requests are available — in fact, we encourage them. We want our community to eat meals they enjoy, and we realize that your favorite dish might not always be listed on our menu.

Healthy Selections

Active seniors need healthy meals to fuel their busy days. We offer recipes made from fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as lean meats, omega-rich fish and low-fat dairy products. We make it easy to select and request meals that meet the following dietary needs:

  • Low sodium
  • Low cholesterol
  • Nut free
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Vegetarian or vegan
  • Religious restrictions

Talk to our friendly chefs if you need something that isn't featured on our daily menu. We're happy to accommodate special requests.

Lighter Fare

Craving a quick snack or a light meal? During the morning hours, some seniors prefer our light continental breakfast rather than our traditional menu fare. Residents also visit our cafe throughout the day for complimentary coffee and healthy snacks. These snacks provide the energy you need for a brisk walk around the community or a workout in our wellness center.

Familiar Favorites

Residents with Alzheimer's disease often prefer familiar favorites when it comes to snacks and meals. New foods may cause stress or anxiety, so we offer a consistent routine centered around familiar foods for many of our residents. That may mean eating breakfast during dinner hours or having spaghetti for lunch 7 days a week, and that's okay. Our chefs are here to help every senior enjoy their time with us.

Happy Hour Fun

Loneliness affects your emotional well-being, but it also damages your physical health. Research indicates that seniors who socialize with loved ones regularly are less likely to experience certain medical issues, including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. Establishing social connections may also help us live longer, happier lives.

Our daily happy hour gives seniors a chance to meet new friends and strengthen existing friendships. We offer light refreshments and tasty appetizers in a welcoming environment each evening. Our happy hour is included in your monthly fee, so there's no need to bring your wallet or purse. Just show up, sip a cocktail and chat about life or current events with other residents.

Hassle-Free Meals

After years of tackling household chores, many active seniors prefer to focus on fun activities, such as playing board games with friends or exploring new hobbies. We take care of all the prep work and cleaning associated with our gourmet meals, from sourcing seasonal ingredients to scrubbing pots and pans. This lets you spend more time doing things that make you happy instead of dedicating hours to meal prep.

At Brightview Senior Living, we understand everyone has their own preferences when it comes to meals and snacks. Our menu offers popular fare, but seniors are always welcome to request special meals. We want everyone to enjoy our culinary experience, whether they're sipping a warm mug of coffee or chatting with friends over a nutritious salmon entree.


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