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Why Seniors Need Transportation Services to Maintain an Independent Spirit


Transportation Services help Older Adults Maintain an Independent Spirit

As older adults age, getting around can become more difficult. Mobility issues, reduced vision and difficulty maintaining a personal vehicle can all hinder a senior's ability to engage in community activities. Modern seniors aren't content with letting these challenges keep them from living their best lives. Seniors want freedom of movement, and they appreciate recommendations for senior living communities that provide the independence they crave. The availability of a reliable transportation service not only gives seniors access to everything they want, but also helps seniors feel self-reliant, making it a benefit that feeds the mind, body and soul.

Giving Seniors a Sense of Independence

Being constrained to a small area weighs on the spirit. After a lifetime of being able to walk or drive anywhere at any time, it's hard to adjust to a more limited lifestyle. Seniors who were previously active in their communities might feel lonely or frustrated if they can't participate in the same ways anymore. Seniors who put off having adventures until later in life might feel cheated or annoyed at being unable to access everything they waited so long to enjoy. Being unable to go where they want emphasizes their growing dependence on others, which can impact mental and emotional health.

When seniors know they can easily schedule essential transportation services, they feel more independent. This sense of freedom keeps seniors engaged with life and makes them happier overall.

Reliable Transportation for a Fuller Life

Seniors with access to transportation services get plenty of opportunities to explore their local communities. Whether they're interested in perusing local art galleries, attending theater performances or spending time at a local pub, seniors with reliable transportation can access all of the joys life has to offer.

Transportation services provided by senior living communities also provide seniors with access to intellectual stimulation, since they can participate in activities anywhere in their community. Hopping on a shuttle to participate in a local book club or attend a free university lecture at the local college keeps a senior's mind active, which might help stave off memory loss or dementia.

Access to reliable transportation also reduces isolation, as seniors can conveniently schedule trips to see friends and family members. Maintaining social ties helps to keep seniors healthy, and older individuals with close friends throughout the community often live longer and have fewer health issues than more isolated seniors.

Reduced Uncertainty for Seniors

Transportation services reduce uncertainty in a senior's life, and knowing that there is a reliable ride to the doctor, dentist and other essential services lets a senior relax and stop worrying about missing appointments. When the costs of transportation services are already included in a senior's room and board, there's also no concern about how to afford transportation.

Safe Transportation for Active Seniors

Senior living communities that provide dependable senior transportation can help to keep their senior residents safer. Friendly, professional shuttle drivers keep seniors comfortable during trips and can help seniors get on and off the shuttle safely. Dedicated transportation services also relieve any fears about personal safety, inconvenient transit stops or confusing schedules.

Balancing Independence and Community

Residents in a Brightview Senior Living community develop deep friendships with associates and other residents. Having shuttle services lets residents share their off-site activities with friends, making it easy to balance the independence of getting around with a shared sense of community. Being able to suggest to a friend, "let's go take in a movie together" or "come join me on a trip to the park," lets seniors feel more in charge of their own social lives.

Here at Brightview Senior Living, we believe that seniors should continue to live vibrant, active lives. That's why we offer a shuttle service that lets seniors run errands, explore local attractions, visit friends and attend special events. For more information, please contact a Brightview Senior Living community.

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