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Women in Leadership: Andrea Griesmar, Senior Vice President

Brightview Senior Living Management - Andrea Griesmar

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting women in leadership positions at Brightview Senior Living. Andrea Griesmar is the Senior Vice President of Operations.

What qualities make a great leader? 
The greatest leaders I have had the privilege to work with in my career have been those that have the courage and confidence to surround themselves with really bright, talented people, then give them the space to do what they do best. Those great leaders invest in the success of others and take tremendous pride in their accomplishments. They inspire others with their vision, with their integrity, with their empathy, and with their passion and in turn, they inspire them to pay it forward. 
Why do we need more women in leadership?
Women simply think differently than men. No matter our gender, age, race, or background, we all have different frames of reference and come at things from very different perspectives. Each of those unique approaches adds to the depth of thinking, creativity, innovation and problem solving, so the more unique minds and perspectives we embrace, the better outcomes we will achieve.
Fortune and Great Place to Work® recognized Brightview Senior Living as one of the 2019 Best Workplaces for Women. What makes Brightview a great workplace for women?
Having an extraordinary woman serving as our CEO and several women in senior leadership roles makes a pretty powerful statement about how we value the input, perspectives, and contributions of women! What a gift it is to work in an organization where we feel valued and where we have such inspiring role models!
What does the 2021 International Women’s Day theme “Choose to Challenge” mean to you?
Each of us has both the privilege and the responsibility to choose to challenge what doesn’t feel right. Challenging inequities, unfairness, bias, injustice, dishonesty, bigotry, hatred, cruelty, and even the status quo is how we make meaningful change in the world.

What advice would you give your younger self when looking back on your career?
Have the courage to seek out and welcome feedback, coaching, and mentoring. Even when it’s tough to hear, honest coaching that comes from a genuine place from people you trust is a true gift. Don’t protect yourself from it – seek it out and embrace it! 

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