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There’s nothing like knowing you’re spending your money wisely and being financially responsible to help you relax and enjoy your newfound peace of mind and freedom. At Brightview Concord River, we strive to provide the best value in senior living whether you choose Assisted Living or Dementia Care.

Assisted Living:

  • Brightview Concord River Assisted Living is an exceptionally good value for the depth and breadth of personalized holistic care and service residents receive – much more than could be accomplished in a non-group setting.
  • Residents receive the value of a highly trained team committed to providing gentle, respectful care and creating an environment where residents can live to their fullest potential.
  • Physical assistance with the activities of daily living is coupled with an apartment that is right-sized to provide a sense of independence and self-sufficiency, a great value that can perk up self-esteem and promote a positive outlook.
  • Personalized Service Plans, addressing residents’ unique desires, wishes and care needs, are developed for each resident.Up to five hours of personal care each week is included in the base fee and Supplemental Service Packages are available for additional care needs. Monthly fees include the determined level of personal assistance as well as the apartment, community amenities, activity programs, and housekeeping, meals, linen laundry, concierge, and scheduled transportation services.
  • The health and wellness value of social interaction cannot be over-estimated. A full-time Vibrant Living Director is dedicated to creating a full calendar of social opportunities and activities to stimulate the mind, body and spirit.
  • Assisted living also includes the peace of mind of having a nurse available 24 hours a day.
  • Potential Tax Deductibility advantage. Please consult your tax advisor for eligibility for this deduction.
  • Assisted Living is also a good value when compared to the cost of contracted in-home care, which may be more expensive yet cannot provide the well-rounded, holistic care of Assisted Living at Brightview Concord River.
  • Ask your community representative for a free worksheet to help you compare current living expenses plus in-home care to Assisted Living at Brightview Concord River.

Dementia Care:

  • Known at Brightview Concord River as Wellspring Village, the Dementia Care neighborhood includes the full complement of Assisted Living services. In addition, the exceptional value of residents’ experience at Wellspring Village is highlighted best in three important areas: Design, Care and Quality of Life.
  • Design: The dignified, residential design with private and companion apartments fosters feelings of belonging. Reminiscent of “any-home USA”, Wellspring Village provides residents a sense of familiarity in their environment. And, because the neighborhood is secure, memory-impaired residents can move about freely and comfortably whether indoors or outdoors. Design elements include safety features as well as helpful cues for every day tasks, which can minimize stress and promote positive feelings of self-reliance.
  • Care: Wellspring Village staff are specifically trained in innovative care techniques of patience, positive reinforcement and constructive re-direction. This affirms a sense of choice for residents in day-to-day activities.
  • Quality of Life: Wellspring Village offers the peace of mind of having a nurse available 24 hours a day, and the services of a Wellspring Village Director, who oversees all aspects of day to day life including care, services and programming. Programs are planned in accordance with resident interests, which promotes feelings of accomplishment and productivity. It is the combination of comfortable surroundings, gentle care, and meaningful activity that promote quality of life for our residents and residents’ families.
  • The monthly fee covers the uniquely designed apartment and neighborhood, a dedicated team and personalized plan of care for this demanding disease, resident-appropriate activities, and includes the full complement of Assisted Living services.
  • Wellspring Village can be a less expensive alternative to the cost of in-home care or skilled nursing.
  • Potential Tax Deductibility advantage. Please consult your tax advisor for eligibility for this deduction.
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