“An Extraordinary Thing,” Says Bob Hunter, Vibrant Living Director

Brightview Avondell Independent and Assisted Living Drum Activity Bel Air MD

The rhythm of the drumbeat is almost hypnotic as residents find their tempo on a variety of instruments with shocks of red flames, vibrant, colorful hues and festive shapes. The exotic sounds of shakers, wood blocks and tambourines fill the air with excitement.

Playing African drums, specifically djembe and doumek drums, as well as fiberglass drums and other hand instruments, including bongos, congas, tambourines, caxixi and shakers, residents make this beautiful music during Brightview Avondell’s Drum Circle.

“It is an extraordinary thing,” explained Bob Hunter, Vibrant Living Director. “The benefits of drumming are many – a healing power to reduce stress, increase brain health, lower blood pressure and boast the immune system. It is also a physical workout as we drum for an hour, playing 15 minutes rhythms – grooves – then taking short breaks for relaxation. We close our eyes to get really into it and zone out.”

“It’s great to be with our friends and neighbors” adds drum enthusiast, Walter Wolfel.  “We also love to share our music with others.”

Sharing their music with others – opening the circle – is a passion for the residents of Avondell. The group has traveled to several Brightview communities in the Maryland area, including Brightview Bel Air, Brightview Towson and Brightview Severna Park. Soon they will open the Drum Circle to drum with elementary and middle school students as well as drum at a local Bel Air shopping center.

“It is very satisfying. And brings joy to ourselves and, more importantly, others,” Doris Poulson concluded with a smile.

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