Glancing Into History

Glancing Into History

Because residents at Brightview Bel Air enjoy history and learning about people who had a positive impact on society, Glance into History, a new, interactive program at the community, brings history to life.

Each month, residents explore important people, their backgrounds, and their societal influence. From professional golfers to chefs to opera singers, resident interests are varied. But it is always fun.

“Who said history has to be boring,” said Taylor Zimmerman, Vibrant Living Director. “This month, we’ll learn about golfer Jack Nicklaus. We’ll have a putting challenge to top off the day. Last month, chef, author, and television personality Julia Child was our featured individual. We learned about her life and her family, and where she learned to cook. We watched the movie Julie and Julia and even donned our chef hats and aprons to create one of her well-known desserts.

“Everyone agreed the best part was tasting our creation. It didn’t look like Julia Child’s lemon tart but it sure tasted delicious!”

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