Tree of Life Exhibition Showcases Community Art

Tree of Life Painting

Sunflowers, dogs, beaches, boats, trees, fish, and waterfalls were evenly spaced on twelve by twelve white tiles at VisArts at Rockville, a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing an awareness of the arts.

An array of colorful shapes and swirls also adorned the cream colored walls – pieces and patterns in a variety of mediums that will texturize an art project known as ‘The Tree of Life,” a design by Sally Wern Compton of Art Walk and Art at Large, Inc.

The special exhibition showcased the collaboration between VisArts, The Shelter Group, and Brightview Senior Living in the creation of a permanent public art installation for the façade of Brightview West End, a senior living community under construction at 285 North Washington Street.

“The universal symbol of the tree is meant as a metaphor of the connectness of the family or man and the season of life,” announced the large exhibition sign introducing the gallery collection.

“‘The Tree of Life’ is a public piece of art that will light up the night and rise six stories high on the front of our building,” explained Tina Aulakh Executive Director at Brightview West End at a special reception on Friday, September 16.

“It incorporates works by a diverse group of artists, including some of our very own Brightview residents from other [Brightview] communities and represents symbols of life, family, connection, spirituality, happiness, and, of course, love.”

The community art – from local and international artists, young and old, professional and amateur – will be woven into ‘The Tree of Life.’

“The tree is given its richness of meaning from the many diverse, life-affirming, restorative symbols and scenes that as a whole will vignette and bend across the west façade of the building,” continued the introductory sign.

“[We] want to thank all of the participating artists who lent their hand to make their mark on this permanent public art installation.”

The exhibit opened on September 7 and ran through September 18.

A call for public art submissions for the community project was open for two months this summer.

Through educational programming, gallery exhibitions and a resident artist program, VisArts provides children, teens and adults opportunities to express their creativity and enhance their awareness of the arts. For more information about VisArts, visit

When Brightview West End opens in summer 2017, the community will feature Independent Living, Assisted living and a neighborhood dedicated to dementia and Alzheimer’s Care, known as Wellspring Village®.

For more information about Brightview West End, please call Wendy or Michael at 301-284-7214, email or visit the Welcome Center at 401 North Washington Street, Suite 100.

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