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Brightview is ready to partner with you!

Brightview is ready to partner with you!

When you partner with Brightview Senior Living, you’ll develop relationships and really connect with people. Brightview associates play an important role in caring for our residents — not just physically, but emotionally. We understand your clients' health and priorities are important, and we're here to help you with any questions you and your clients' may have.

Partner with Fortunes #1 Best workplaces for aging services

A strong company culture starts at the top, with Brightview Senior Living you're working with a Great Place to Work certified organization and FORTUNES #1 Best Workplaces for Aging Services. This tremendous nationwide distinction showcases Brightview's commitment in providing the best resident experience in the Senior Living & Care industry. Our mission is to create vibrant senior living communities that are a great place for our associates to work and a great place for our residents to live. We invite you to come visit our community to see for yourself!

Complimentary assessment to help you assess your clients' senior living options

Our complimentary online assessment and guide will help you better understand potential care needs. Learn more about what senior living options might be best for your clients. Answers online questions about their situation and be better prepared in about 4 minutes. Clarify needs and preferences to make the best choice and start the right conversations to plan for the future.

Complimentary Assessment & Guide

Learn more about Brightview from our Executive Team

Our mission at Brightview Senior Living is to be a team of people creating vibrant senior living communities.

Choose the Lifestyle to meet your clients' needs

Whether you are looking for independent senior living or senior assisted living support, or help with managing Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia care, the experienced team at Brightview Senior Living offers exceptional, supportive care. No matter which option you and your clients' choose, you’ll enjoy all the amenities offered in our beautiful community and the full calendar of events that come with our Vibrant Living program!

Types of Living

Why Brightview Senior Living Communities?

  1. The “Flourishing at Brightview” program – before residents move in, Brightview Senior Living associates take the time to learn each resident’s likes, dislikes, careers, past and present hobbies, and aspirations to ensure they receive the most of what a Brightview Senior Living community offers. New residents are introduced to current residents with similar interests, and invitations to meals and other activities make it easier to make friends quickly.
  2. Brightview’s approach to care is centered on Possibilities, Independence, and Choice. Residents who require a helping hand are encouraged to maintain their independence and choice in their activities of daily living. We believe that each person, no matter how old or frail, has the possibility to grow and experience joy every day.
  3. To ensure the highest quality living experience for residents and their families, residents and associates complete an annual, confidential satisfaction survey, and action plans are developed by the company to address feedback.
  4. Brightview Senior Living community activities are based on a philosophy that incorporates all dimensions of wellness: Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural and Emotional (SPICE). With activities like guest speakers, trips to the theater, and friendly games of poker, Brightview Senior Living residents remain engaged. Brightview Senior Living communities and our partner Bayada also offer the SPICE in Motion program, an exercise class which has been statistically proven to increase the health and well-being of residents. Residents experience increased mobility, faster recovery from surgeries, and significantly lower re-hospitalization rates.
  5. Brightview builds and operates Brightview Senior Living communities, which means that from the initial design of the building through daily operations, everything is centered on creating an exceptional experience for our residents.
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Brightview Senior Living Resident & Family Testimonials

It can be hard to move away from your long-time home. When you move into one of our Brightview Senior Living communities you're opening the door to more possibilities, independence, and choice. We provide residents with an all-inclusive lifestyle, amazing community amenities, vibrant daily activities, transportation, chef-prepared gourmet food, and much more. Contact us today to schedule a visit to one of our senior living communities!

SPICE in Motion Program

Our exclusive SPICE in Motion program helps mobility and outlook

Residents who exercise at least three days a week enjoy a better quality of life. Studies show that regular exercisers experience fewer falls, improve their mobility, stay mentally sharp, spend less time in the hospital, and feel more positive and engaged in life.

That's why we include our innovative SPICE in Motion program at no additional fee. SPICE in motion builds on Brightview's ongoing wellness efforts, incorporating five holistic elements of wellness efforts, incorporating five holistic elements of wellness – Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural, and Emotional – and uses a blend of programs to create meaningful, healthy, stimulating and positive lifestyles.


SPICE in Motion begins by identifying your exercise interests, health risks, functional needs, and life satisfaction by conducting fitness and activity surveys. Led by certified professional Fitness Specialists, our one-hour classes include a warm-up, cardiovascular exercise, strength and power exercise, static and dynamic balance activity, and cool down. We incorporate weights, bands, exercise balls, and brain games into the classes.

Each month, our health and wellness talks cover topics such as "Preventing Falls and Improving Balance," "How to Get a Better Night's Sleep," and "Living with Joy and Happiness."

Bright Minds Program - Brain Health

What is Bright Minds?

Bright Minds is a collection of Brightview community offerings that are designed to improve the overall brain health and cognitive function of our residents. With Bright Minds, we focus on creating and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits – from increased exercise, social interaction, and healthy eating to managing chronic health conditions to keep you active, and your brain healthy.

Mind & Music Program - The Power of Music

Mind & Music has Three Key Components

    With Sonos® Sound Systems, the full benefits of Mind & Music™ reach Wellspring Village® neighborhoods’ common spaces. Associates can use music to enhance group activities, help calm and redirect frustrated residents or facilitate socialization through sing-alongs, dancing, and discussions. For example, music in the dining room during meals will help to drown out background noise and add an ambiance and uniqueness to the experience.


    Brightview Senior Living provides headphones, smart devices, and Amazon Music® in all Wellspring Village® neighborhoods. With this technology, associates create a personalized playlist for each resident featuring the person’s favorite songs, musicians, and genres to produce their own brand of musically inspired peace and happiness whenever – and wherever – they wish.


    Each Wellspring Village® team collaborates with local musicians and certified music professionals who are talented in harnessing a person’s abilities to create music. Programs might include drum circles, singing, and music relaxation groups.


    The healing benefits of music are scientifically proven, and a melody’s ability to communicate with our conscious and unconscious minds make it an exceptionally effective tonic for people in even the most advanced stages of dementia.

    With Mind & Music™, we make each Wellspring Village® dementia care neighborhood a brighter, more joyful, and harmonious place for people with dementia to live!

    Originally, my mother did not want to move. So I can't help but notice that every time I visit, she has a smile on her face. She has made great friends and is doing so much more than if she had stayed at home alone.

    Shannon W., Brightview Resident's Family Member