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Thank you Brightview Senior Living Associates!

Hear what residents and families have to say

Thank you Associates!

During these unprecedented times, we're so honored to have associates who are putting in 110%! They are true heroes, and we're so grateful to hear our families feel the same way. Thanks to our incredible dedicated associates and to families who took time to reach out directly to our communities with their heartfelt cards, letters, and emails. Join us in sending our gratitude to those on the front lines helping to maintain the health and safety of our residents, associates, and their communities!

Below are a few of the countless emails our communities and associates have received during these unprecedented times.

Hi Darlene,

I just wanted to add my "many thanks" to the kudos that Kathy extended. I have been involved in lots of Covid-19 planning (for our hospital, with the RI Department of Health, etc.) and I can honestly say that Brightview's preparedness ranks among the top I have seen. But what makes it even better is the outstanding communication plan that you have put in place. A model from which so many other organizations could learn!

Thanks again for all you do. YOU ARE THE BEST!! 😉

-Jon E.

Hi Adam,

Just a positive note to tell you that dinner tonight was excellent! Change is not easy but this change is working more smoothly than I would have anticipated.  My first night having a secluded dinner in my apartment on 2nd floor was a very good experience! Food was delicious, healthy, service was excellent - the young high school girls were polite and gracious, and it was the first time in weeks that I had a very relaxing dinner. Changes are a big adjustment for everyone and I am very grateful for you and your support staff. Please let them know that I appreciate their good work. Outstanding!  Thank you!

- Carol W.

Hi Mandy,

I am so grateful for all that you and everyone at Brightview are doing to keep mom healthy and safe. I so appreciate these updates and I totally understand why you are keeping these restrictions in place. I truly believe that the safety precautions are working and now is not the time to stop. Because of the wonderful staff at Brightview, I have better peace of mind during this time that I can't see mom. Keep doing what you are doing and we will pray that God gives you all the strength to persevere.

Blessings and peace,

Melissa S.


Thank you for sharing this information. On behalf of the entire family we say THANK YOU!  We appreciate all that you and your team are doing to keep our parents happy, safe and healthy. It gives us incredible peace of mind knowing that they are surrounded by people who care about them. Our parents frequently comment on how great everyone has been. We frequently hear about the cookies, muffins and fresh fruit being delivered.  The ice cream treats were quite the hit too.  They also let us know that Lori came by with the book cart and that everyone has been wonderful.  Again, THANK YOU!  I also want to give Sandra big kudos as she is our point of contact. She is always helpful, patient and pleasant.  I’m sure the email updates will cut down on our calls to her.

Wishing you all continued good health and joy in an extraordinarily challenging time.

With gratitude,

Carlene C.


You are the best! Thank you for all you are doing for us! I hope all is going okay with you, I can’t tell you what it means to us to receive your communications and know that we can also call and speak to you all about how our mom is doing. Thank you for your communication, it is so important during this trying time.

I have spoken on a regular basis to Caroline and Sherry, the primary RA’s that help my mom. They are absolutely wonderful!! I can’t say enough about every staff member on Wellspring Village and all of your staff. You all are so loving and giving. It warms our hearts to know that our Mom is with you all. We are so extremely grateful that she is at Brightview with all of you during this difficult time. We know that she is getting well balanced meals, medicines, socialization, care for her arm, and that there is a watchful eye on her. Knowing this comforts us to help us to get through.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Take care of yourself!

Be safe and stay healthy!

Margie G.

Hi Heather,

Dad asked me to share his appreciation for the care he and other residents are receiving daily at BVSL. His brief disappointment at being quarantined in his apartment was alleviated by the processes in place for meal cart, food selection and quality. He and I send our heartfelt thanks. 

There is no way to know how this will all turn out, but we know Brightview Severna Park is doing all the right things. 

Linda, on behalf of Frank C.

Hi Samantha,

I can not thank you and your staff enough for the care and speed in reacting to the safety of the residents at BV.

You have been implemented all the right rules and regulations all along and now with one case in the building again you have taken charge and moved quickly to contain it to one case! (God willing). My sisters and I all feel my mom is in the safest place during the stressful time.

Thank you again for keeping everyone safe!


Diane P.

Good morning, Kristi,

I want to thank you for keeping the residents' family members informed about the ever changing protocols at Brightview.

I know how difficult your job and the jobs of your staff members are during this very difficult and dangerous time in our country! Please know that I appreciate ALL of the staff at Brightview and thank all of you for your efforts to keep everyone safe and well cared for!

I am praying for all of the staff members, their families, and the residents for protection and strength at this time! Please share my appreciation to the staff for their compassionate care as they seek to protect the residents from this devastating virus!

Take care, rest when you can!

Thank you!

Love Melanie 


Can’t thank you and your staff enough for the care and thoughtfulness you spread each and everyday to my Mom Peggy and the other residents in your care. 

The rolling Safari happy hour bar is not only hysterical but I’m sure a big hit in the community. Thanks again to you and your dedicated staff. Be well, stay safe and our gratitude is endless. 

All the best, Dean and the rest of the family


I just want to compliment you and Vanessa.  Fantastic communication through this very difficult time!  And I really appreciate that Vanessa and her staff are taking the time to send more “Bright Moments” pictures and even phone calls.  It is very much appreciated!

Judy W.

Hi Daren,

Thank you for updating and keeping family informed of the changes at Brightview due to the Coronavirus Covid-19.  Thank you for all of hard work during these unprecedented events.  I truly appreciate the care and concern you have for my family members in keeping them safe and healthy.


Deb P.

Hi Maria,

You all play such an important role in my mom's (and everyone's loved ones) lives day in and day out, it really takes exceptional people to be able to work in your industry not to mention during a situation like this.  I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that my mom is under the care of your facility, with you in charge and all your amazing staff that have made my mom feel nothing but loved and cared for since she arrived and have made me rest a bit easy knowing she is in safe and loving hands day in and out. 

Hi Heather,

Thank you for letting me know. I really appreciate it. I can’t thank you and everyone for taking such good care of everyone that resides at Brightview. It is so nice to know my Aunt is in such good hands and is being looked after. My mom always said to me everything happens for a reason, if this were last year she would be in an apartment on her own. I am so thankful for her move to Brightview and all of you.

Thank you

Hi Andrea,

Jenna and the Arlington team are working so hard and doing so much to keep my mother and all the residents safe and happy.  It’s an overwhelming responsibility and they handle it with grace and kindness every day.  I so appreciate their communication with us as a family and the everyday kindness they show my mother.  Thank you for all you do to insure that is the case.

I just wanted to reach out and say hello and a special thank you. My family and I are most grateful for the entire Arlington team and all they do each and every day to help my mother feel a little less isolated during this crisis. (A special shout out to Paula Feldman who sets up zoom meetings with my mom like a champ 😊).

Warmest Regards,


Special note to the Brightview team…my mother repeatedly spoke of the incredible kindness from the entire Brightview team.  As she saw one associate after another, she pointed them out and spoke of their kindness to her.  Thank you to the entire Brightview team for being there with our mother in this difficult time when we are unable to be there for her.  We appreciate every small (and great) gesture of kindness you extend to her more than you know. 

With Our Deepest  Gratitude,
Paula R.

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