Music and Dementia

The Power of Music in Wellspring Village®

Music and Dementia

Introducing Mind & Music in Wellspring Village®

Because people respond to music in such unique ways, Wellspring Village® associates learn how each resident identifies with music. Finding the “right” music can move the immobile, calm the agitated, spark memories for the forgetful, and provide words when language is lost. Music associated with positive life events and memories can also:

  • Improve mood and attention
  • Create higher quality of life and well-being
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve sleep

With Mind & Music added to their routines, Wellspring Village® residents living with dementia enjoy these benefits and more for brighter, happier days.

Mind & Music has three key components
1) Music to Everyone

With Sonos® Sound Systems, the full benefits of Mind & Music reach Wellspring Village® neighborhoods’ common spaces. Associates can use music to enhance group activities, help calm and redirect frustrated residents or facilitate socialization through sing-alongs, dancing, and discussions. For example, music in the dining room during meals will help to drown out background noise and add an ambiance and uniqueness to the experience.

2) Portable, Personalized Playlists

Brightview Senior Living provides headphones, smart devices, and Amazon Music® in all Wellspring Village® neighborhoods. With this technology, associates create a personalized playlist for each resident featuring the person’s favorite songs, musicians, and genres to produce their own brand of musically inspired peace and happiness whenever – and wherever – they wish.

3) Creative Expression Through Music

Each Wellspring Village® team collaborates with local musicians and certified music professionals who are talented in harnessing a person’s abilities to create music. Programs might include drum circles, singing, and music relaxation groups.

Healing Benefits of Music

The healing benefits of music are scientifically proven, and a melody’s ability to communicate with our conscious and unconscious minds make it an exceptionally effective tonic for people in even the most advanced stages of dementia.

With Mind & Music, we make each Wellspring Village® dementia care neighborhood a brighter, more joyful, and harmonious place for people with dementia to live!

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Video: Music and Dementia

Watch our Music and Dementia video and learn how our "Mind & Music" program benefits dementia care residents.