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An Introduction to Wellspring Village®

Dementia Care

Living Well through Innovative Dementia Care

Welcome to Wellspring Village®, Brightview Senior Living’s program for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Our dementia care program is designed to create an atmosphere where both residents and associates can celebrate life and be engaged in living. It is a simple approach to working with people living with a complicated disease. Our mission is to create a community that is full of vibrancy for both dementia care residents and staff.

The series of dementia care videos below were created to help you gain a better understanding of Wellspring Village®.

Video: Learn more about our memory care philosophy

Watch our "We Believe" video to learn more about Brightview Senior Living's Dementia Care philosophy.

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Video: Bringing joy to those living with dementia

Watch our video to learn how Wellspring Village® can bring joy to those living with dementia.

Video: How do families benefit from joining Wellspring Village?

Learn how families can benefit from joining Wellspring Village®

Video: Meet Patrick Doyle — Director of Dementia Care


Video: Wellspring Village® Memory Care Overview

Watch our Wellspring Village® overview to learn more about our innovative dementia care neighborhood.

Video: Learn more about our dementia care residences

Watch our video to learn about the uniqueness of our Wellspring Village® resident apartments.

Video: Dementia Caregiver Training

Brightview Senior Living provides valuable training to our associates to help care for those living with dementia.

Video: Nutrition and Dementia

Watch our video to learn more about the dining options, services, and benefits our dementia care residents receive.

Video: Music and Dementia

Watch our Music and Dementia video and learn how our "Mind & Music" program benefits dementia care residents.