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10 Most Common Misconceptions About Senior Living Costs and Affordability


10 Most Common Misconceptions About Senior Living Costs and Affordability

Many seniors postpone their move to a senior living community because they worry that the monthly expense won't fit into their budget. It's true that quality senior living may initially appear expensive; however, over time it may actually cost less than staying in your own home. Let's explore 10 common myths about the cost of senior living, so you can weigh the pros of residing in a community with the benefits of aging at home.

Myth 1: Food is Expensive at a Senior Living Community

We're happy to debunk this myth. At Brightview Senior Living, our chef-prepared gourmet meals, snacks and beverages are included in your monthly fee. That means you never have to bring money to our dining area, even if you order something that isn't on the menu or indulge in a few happy hour cocktails with friends.

Myth 2: I'll Spend More for Transportation

No car is necessary if you live in our communities, and you don't have to pay a fee to use our shuttle buses. We offer scheduled transportation for activities throughout the community, so it's easy for you to get out and experience the area.

Depending on where you live, there might also be senior shuttles available for medical appointments, hair appointments and grocery shopping.

Myth 3: I'll Have to Pay an Entrance Fee

It's true that many Continuing Care Retirement Communities charge a hefty entrance fee that ranges from $100,000 to nearly 10 times that figure. However, we don't do that at Brightview Senior Living. We understand many seniors live on fixed budgets, and we want to make it easy for you to afford our resort-like living.

Myth 4: Rent Will Skyrocket Over Time

This is a common fear since many senior living communities offer reduced rates the first few months or year to attract new residents. However, many communities offer affordable monthly rates with reasonable, predictable price increases.

Myth 5: I Can't Use Health Insurance

If you receive memory care or assisted living care in a senior living community, you may fear you'll be forced to use the community's care team. This generally isn't true. If your medical team offers in-home care, you're welcome to invite them to Brightview Senior Living to help with your daily activities.

Myth 6: I'll Have to Get a Roommate

Some seniors who value their independence are hesitant to share a living space with a stranger, and understandably so. At Brightview Senior Living, we offer shared rentals as well as individual rentals. We can help you choose a rental that falls within your monthly budget, even if you don't want a roommate.

Myth 7: Most Amenities Aren't Included

Some senior living communities are notorious for piling on extra fees. At Brightview Senior Living, we share our fee list before you commit to a rental. That way, you know exactly what to expect each day.

We offer a diverse selection of activities, such as painting, dancing and fitness classes, to keep active seniors busy. These activities are included in your monthly rental fee along with unlimited food and beverages.

Myth 8: I'll Have to Pay for Repairs

Don't call the plumber if your toilet gets clogged or your water heater breaks. Just let our friendly staff know what happened, and we'll help you get it fixed. We also help repair appliances that may break in your rental, such as your refrigerator or air conditioner.

Myth 9: I'll Have to Pay for Lawn care

Our well-maintained lawns do not require individual landscaping fees. Your monthly living fee includes everything you need for a fun stay in our community, including lawn care and other outdoor maintenance.

Myth 10: I Have to Pay All Expenses Out of Pocket

Financial assistance is available for many seniors. You may receive assistance from your health insurance provider or a government agency. You may also qualify for senior living loans or grants. Our staff can help you explore these options when you schedule an appointment to learn more about Brightview Senior Living.

When you consider that one monthly fee covers nearly all of your living expenses, you may find Brightview Senior Living costs about the same as staying in your own home. You may even save money since we cover the cost of food, lawn care, repairs and other amenities. To learn more about our community, schedule a personal visit with one of our friendly team members.

The content is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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